Personal Financial Counselling 

We assist clients in clarifying and understanding their current financial status. Clients bring all pertinent information with them to our first meeting so we can get to work right away. There are often no surprises in how things look, clients have a good idea of how they are doing financially, good, bad or scary.

We assist clients in letting go of the worry often associated with money through initially gathering all of the data, and reviewing income and cash flow to evaluate clients’ current financial status in the context of their short and long term objectives. Through the personal financial counselling process, we assist in clarifying and articulating client goals and objectives. Financial counselling includes identifying important areas to consider, discussing various planning strategies and answering client questions. When we discuss goals, objectives, options and planning strategies, and put a plan in place to move towards meeting these goals, clients feel a huge sense of relief and control in terms of knowing they are using the strategies and vehicles available to best achieve their goals.

Do you ever wonder, what makes more sense, a RRSP or a TFSA? Or do you worry you do not understand Retirement Education Savings Plans well enough to make sure you are doing all that you can to save towards children’s education? No matter what your questions or concerns, we assist you in understanding, planning and achieving your goals.

“My questions were answered with the clarity and precision of a professional, and with the warmth of a friend.”

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