Please call or email to arrange a consultation 

We get to work right away when you come in for a consultation. The initial consultation covers the Current Status Assessment, Goals and Objectives and gives clients a “financial check up” and understanding of how well they are on track, what the next steps are in terms of any changes that may need to be considered and answers any questions they have.

We are able to do this because clients come prepared with all the required documents.

Should further work be required, after the initial consultation, the requirements for further service are clearly outlined, agreed and a fee quote is provided. 

What to bring to your counselling session 

  • Net Worth Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Notice of Assessment regarding Income Tax
  • Pension Statements – employer sponsored pension plan and Canada Pension Plan
  • Information regarding any other issues – for example payments due on termination of employment or details regarding separation and divorce, inheritance, pension buy back, estate planning, insurance etc.
  • Financial Statements for your Corporations or Trusts
  • Your questions
  • Your spouse or a trusted friend
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