The Financial Planning Process

Clients bring all of their financial data to an initial consultation. This provides the basis for a current status review. The initial meeting takes from one to one and a half hours, and covers a review of financial and investment goals and objectives, and an analysis of how well current strategies are likely to achieve client goals. Various strategies are discussed, and options considered. Often clients receive enough guidance in the initial consultation to continue their current strategies. In other instances, clients may request projections for various options, a detailed written plan or referrals to other specialists, for example legal, accounting, investment, insurance, mortgage brokers. Fee quotes are provided for any further requirements. 

Current Status Assessment 

The Current Status Assessment includes a review of all financial details. Clients bring a Net Worth Statement, Monthly Cash Flow Summary, Pension Statements, a Notice of Assessment summarizing their income and tax reported, and a copy of a pay slip if they are employed or financial statements for their business if they are self employed, plus any other pertinent data, for example details of inheritances or copies of separation agreements. All details are available for the Current Status Assessment and the initial consultation commences with a review of this information and a discussion regarding client goals and objectives. The initial consultation continues with an analysis of current strategies, and discussion in terms of what the projected outcome might be regarding the continued application of these strategies. Alternate strategies might be considered and “what if” projections discussed. 

Goals and Objectives 

We help clients clarify and articulate their financial goals and objectives and address strategies to consider for short term goals within one year, medium term goals for the three to five year time frame, and long term goals for the greater than five year timeline. Financial planning strategies are considered to help achieve each of these goals in the overall plan. 

Review and Analysis of Current Strategies 

This analysis and review helps clients understand how the “Big Picture” is likely to look if they continue with current strategies. Often clients are relieved to know they are on track and to understand the next steps necessary to meet their objectives. Once the framework has been established for the big picture, we help clients identify the “next steps” in their financial plan, and develop an implementation strategy. 

Developing an Action Plan 

Various strategies are discussed and identified, to assist clients in developing the next steps required to implement their plans. This could include budgeting and cash flow, tax planning strategies, pension planning, business planning, retirement income and estate planning. 


We work with clients and their professional advisors to assist in plan implementation.  When requested, we are happy to provide referrals to other professionals as required, for example legal, accounting, investment, insurance, mortgages. We work with existing client advisors in both developing and implementing client’s financial plans. Often clients may require our support as an independent advisor to help them with the ongoing monitoring and review of their financial plans. This could include personal budgeting and cash flow planning, income tax planning, investment planning, insurance and estate planning. When requested, we work with the client and their other advisors to ensure understanding and consistency. 


Each financial plan is as individual as the person. Strategies are developed to fit the needs and circumstances of the individual, couple or family. Once the big picture needs are identified, the implementation steps are broken down to specific and attainable action items. Our goal is to help you meet your goals while maintaining your lifestyle needs both now and in the future.