Retirement Planning

You know you have saved well for your retirement. You may have a pension, RRSP Investments, Tax Free Savings Accounts, a pending inheritance. You may own your own company, have a family trust or not. You know you have several “pots” to access in retirement, and yet you don’t know how it will look or if you will have enough. You may be wondering, how does it all fit together? Should I take my Canada Pension early or late? What about Old Age Security? And what do all these pension options mean? How do I decide which one is the best for me? 

We help clients gain an understanding of how it will all work. We assist in fitting the puzzle pieces together in the most tax effective way, so that you can make the most of your retirement plans and keep more of your money. And we keep it simple. Clients find the retirement planning process to be smooth and relatively easy, resulting in ease of transition and relief in understanding. 


“Lorna knows her field inside out. In fact, in my experience, she knows it well enough to be able to de-mystify it. She avoids jargon, and aims for full clarity and understanding. Recently she worked through a complicated retirement plan with me in such a way that I felt confident in my choices. She will impress you with her knowledge and understanding, not because she is showing off her expertise, but because she is able to explain things to your satisfaction. I have been an executive leader in the human services field for many, many years and rarely encountered senior staff or executive level staff on the financial side as effective as she is in translating things in such a way that their colleagues can understand.”
“I have relied on Lorna’s services over the years to advise me as my career circumstances and financial planning needs have changed. She has taken a very client-centered approach and given me the information and options I have needed in a way that I can fully understand. Her approach is in direct contrast to some of the more corporate services I have used, which have tended to try to sell me investment products or pressured me to take their approach.”