Personal Financial Counselling

Through the personal financial counselling process we assist in clarifying and articulating client goals and objectives. Financial counselling includes identifying important areas to consider, discussion of various planning strategies and answers to client questions. Our process is designed to assist clients in clarifying and understanding their current financial status. Homework required prior to the initial meeting helps clients to clarify the current picture and focus on their plans.   

When clients bring all pertinent information with them to our first meeting, we are able to get to work right away.  Clients often feel a huge sense of relief after the initial meeting, with increased understanding and clarity in regards to their personal plans. 

Do you ever wonder what makes more sense, a RRSP of TFSA? Or do you worry you do not understand Registered Education Savings Plans well enough to make sure you are doing all you can to save towards your children’s education? Do you find pension language confusing? Are the details relating to your pension options clear and understandable?  No matter what your questions or concerns, we assist you in understanding, planning and achieving your goals. 

“My questions were answered with the clarity and precision of a professional, and with the warmth of a friend.”