Estate Planning 

You may have family whom you wish to bequeath with the remainder of your assets when you pass on, or you may have charitable organizations you are considering. You may be considering how best to set up your estate plan to ensure all of you wishes are addressed. Or you may have a complex family structure that has you wondering what to do and how to accomplish your goals with the minimum of complications, for yourselves and your heirs. 

We assist our clients in clarifying their current financial status, and considering and articulating the various components, strategies and approaches to accomplishing their estate planning needs. We then refer you to your lawyer, or if needed a tax expert, to ensure your will is designed to meet your objectives, and your estate plan preserves your assets and minimizes income tax. 

You may have received an inheritance and require assistance in determining the best application of the funds received.  Debt repayment? Retirement Savings? Asset Protection? Portfolio Management? We can help you consider the various options and determine the best approach in your personal circumstances.