Business and Corporate Tax Planning 

Are you considering incorporating your own business and don’t know if it makes sense? Do you wonder what the steps are and how to implement them? Are you thinking you know there are questions you should be asking but don’t really know what they are? If so, we can assist you to understand the issues, options and structures that make sense for your business. 

Or are you a business owner? You have been in business for several years, your business is doing well and you are good at it. You just need to get a sense of how all this fits together. Salary, dividends, family trust and retirement income, including personal pension options, RRSPs, RRIFs, personal tax planning and corporate accounts. We can help clarify your retirement and pension income options to make sure you and your business meet your budgeting, cash flow planning and lifestyle needs. 

“It is a great relief to see in black and white how things might work out.”